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Weddings & Receptions

It doesnt matter if its a small ceramony and reception or large, each celebration is special..the only right way to make it successful is "your way!"

I offer options of equipment needs as well as set up needs. Its as detailed or as free spirited as you want it.

I dont add charges just because you used the word wedding".

I pride myself in offering the best service to whom ever I work with. To help me, help you be successful:

  1. Provide all the details about what your seeking. (Including how many set ups, locations, terrain, and enviromental circumstances)

  2. Be clear on your musical needs. ( Any special songs or traditional needs.)

  3. Read my questionaire and add anything that is not covered.

  4. Allow me to work with your wedding coordinator if you have one. (That way we can reduce the planning stress;0)

  5. We can devise a wedding plan that is everything you visualize, if you are willing to provide me with all your needs. Detail is the key! ( you can NEVER give me too much music, so volume is important!)

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